Top 4 Health Risks to Be Aware of this Holiday Season

A little bit of caution can help you prevent illnesses and injuries during the holiday season.

The holiday season is a time of family gatherings, parties and delicious food. However, there are a few health risks that can impact your ability to enjoy the season, including illnesses and injuries. Taking extra precautions, such as frequent hand washing, can help lower your risk.


The holiday season brings new ways to injure yourself. Opening a present with difficult packaging, for example, could result in slicing your hand open. If you don’t have experience controlling a drone, you might accidentally send your new toy in the direction of someone’s head. Minor injuries can probably be handled with first-aid supplies that you already have, but severe injuries will likely require a trip to an urgent care facility.

Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is an unwelcome but ever-present guest at many holiday gatherings. This viral infection spreads easily from person to person, making it difficult to avoid when you’re visiting family. Typical symptoms of this infection include stomach cramps, vomiting and frequent bathroom trips. In most cases, affected individuals will have to wait out their symptoms. However, if the individual doesn’t feel better after a few days and is having problems staying hydrated, it’s time to seek help from a doctor.


Flu season starts around the onset of winter and lasts until as late as May. During the holiday season, it’s easy to come into contact with someone who has the flu, significantly increasing your chances of catching the illness. The common cold and the flu have similar symptoms, but the flu usually causes much more severe symptoms. For young children and the elderly, the flu can be a dangerous illness. Getting a flu vaccine before the season starts is a good way to help protect yourself. Unfortunately, the vaccine can’t protect against all strains of the flu. Washing your hands thoroughly and avoiding close contact with people who are sick can also lower your risk.


Cheerful candles and glowing fireplaces are common sights during the holiday season. If you have young children at home, however, it’s important to keep a watchful eye when there’s a fire. Always keep your fire screen closed while the fire is active, and don’t allow children to stray too close to the fireplace. Don’t leave a candle burning unattended; while the smell of a burning candle is welcoming, the flame may be too tempting for a curious child.

During the holiday season, injuries and illnesses can rob the joy from your seasonal events. If you need urgent care, please visit Integra Urgent Care today. We are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are equipped to handle a variety of urgent care needs, including illnesses.



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