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Acute Injuries Care

When you need urgent care, can you afford to wait? Receiving immediate medical treatment may be vital to your recovery, but going to the hospital isn’t always the best solution. When you’ve sustained acute injuries that are severe yet non-life-threatening, placing your faith in the staff at Integra Urgent Care is your best option.

Let Us Prepare You for Life After Acute Injuries

Acute injuries run the full spectrum of bodily harm. Some issues, like bone fractures and sprained joints, are obviously serious. Others, like abrasions, cuts and wounds, may seem less grave, but it’s important to understand that even minor injuries can have lasting, negative outcomes. The key difference is whether you treat them as early as possible.

Our mission is to help sufferers regardless of whether they need simple cast removals or something more intensive, such as the extraction of a foreign body. By making acute injury care more accessible without compromising quality, our certified medical staff are continually improving the way people in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Metroplex receive quality health care quickly and effectively.

Comprehensive Attention Grounded in Proven Medical Knowledge

We strive to offer complete health solutions. For instance, if it turns out that your abscess treatment or burn care might benefit from lab tests to help prevent infections, we can perform them on-site. Are you unsure whether you’ve suffered a bone fracture or sprain? Why wait or visit another location to get an X-ray and find out what kind of attention you need? Integra Urgent Care offers in-house consultations that make it possible to improve your outlook no matter what you require.

You Deserve Superior Care. At Integra, You never have to wait for it.

Hospitals fulfill a vital role in society, but they can’t do it all. Our professionals work to close the gaps with exceptional care, proactive advisement and straightforward billing services that accommodate most major insurers.

Your health is far too important to risk. Our critical injury team is here to help you ensure that you don’t have to take unnecessary chances.

You should never have to settle for suffering from untreated acute injuries or gamble on questionable self-care that might just make the problem worse. Visit Integra Urgent Care to consult with a licensed professional who can help further your pursuit of a healthier state of being. Call for your appointment today, or check in online with our convenient streamlined system.