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At Integra Urgent Care, we believe that you shouldn’t have to suffer because of acute illness. Our goal is to help you take advantage of accurate medical knowledge so that you can chart the most effective path to recovery and get on with your life.

Transforming Acute Illnesses into Less Traumatic Experiences

Whether you’re dealing with a respiratory infection, seasonal allergies or the latest bug that’s been making its rounds, acute conditions can have serious ramifications. Most occur suddenly and include severe symptoms. In some cases, they may cause complications related to preexisting health conditions.

Convenient Healthcare Simplified

We’ve adopted a comprehensive approach that empowers patients to manage their health. By providing on-site diagnostics, like X-rays, digital radiography, electrocardiograms, lab tests and metabolic panels, we help you make smarter decisions about your illnesses.

We offer flu shots and other vital injections to ensure that you can manage your health proactively instead of waiting until things take a turn for the worse. Our ability to handle every aspect of the urgent care process from one location means that you don’t have to wait for vital feedback and diagnostic results when it’s in your best interest to take prompt action.

Illness Shouldn’t Define Your Life

Acute conditions may have short durations, but when left unchecked, they can bear lasting consequences. It can also be hard for patients to understand why they’re suffering and take appropriate measures

Providers and Services You Can Trust

The Integra Urgent Care staff is devoted to helping you realize the benefits of good health. Our walk-in clinic offers the best in high-quality healthcare 24/7 so that you can obtain the informed perspectives that you need to beat your illnesses.

Our team includes Board Certified Physicians, Licensed Nurses, Medical Assistants, Medical Technologists and other accredited professionals. No matter which one of us serves you, however, you can count on being treated with the concern and respect that you deserve. Improving your health is a long journey, and we’re proud to take the first steps with you.

We’re honored to serve adults and children in need. We also provide healthcare and acute illness services for businesses. Register online today for your walk-in at one of our convenient locations across the greater Dallas area, and embark on the path to better health.