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Diagnostic Services & Lab Testing

Every year, millions of Americans undergo medical tests and procedures to diagnose various conditions. Diagnostic testing is used to quickly identify specific medical conditions to provide accurate diagnoses and inform customized treatment plans for patients.

Diagnostic testing services, also referred to as “diagnostic care,” is an important part of identifying and treating a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions.

At Integra Urgent Care, we offer comprehensive and timely diagnostic testing to support our providers in identifying health conditions quickly so they can deliver effective treatment plans to get our patients on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

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This includes comprehensive pathology testing and lab testing (including Influenza/Flu A/B, Covid-19, Strep A/B, mono, STD/STI), X-Rays, and an EKG machine to check for various heart conditions.

Diagnostic care is necessary to support medical providers in diagnosing conditions quickly and effectively for their patients. Once conditions are accurately diagnosed, customized treatment plans can then be developed to help patients begin their recovery quickly.

Integra Urgent Care treats all non-life threatening, non-chronic medical conditions and offers diagnostic care at its clinics in Las ColinasGrand Prairie, or Weatherford.

If you need on-demand healthcare and diagnostic services or lab testing with quick results, check-in online or just walk-in to the nearest Integra Urgent Care center near you.

Diagnostic Tests Offered at Integra Urgent Care

Other Diagnostic Tests

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Convenient Access to On-Demand Diagnostic Testing Services

Integra Urgent Care offers convenient, comprehensive, on-demand diagnostic testing services and lab testing. From routine blood tests to x-rays, EKG, and STI/STD testing, we provide quick diagnoses to support treatment plans and convenient access to on-demand lab testing services.

For on-demand healthcare, check in online or just walk into the nearest Integra Urgent Care clinic in Las ColinasGrand Prairie, and Weatherford.

We accept most insurance plans and offer self-pay on most tests and services we provide. Call the nearest Integra Urgent care center to verify insurance or get self-pay rates.

FAQs – Diagnostic Services & Lab Testing

What is a diagnostic lab test?

A diagnostic lab test is used to accurately diagnose a patient’s specific illness or injury which is helpful in developing an accurate and customized treatment plan. Common diagnostic lab tests include: cold/flu testing, metabolic panels, STD/STI testing, and blood glucose.

What is a rapid diagnostic test?

A rapid diagnostic test allows for quicker turnaround on results than traditional lab tests. Results for rapid diagnostic tests are usually available the same day or within 24 hours of the tests being submitted while traditional diagnostic tests can take between 2-5 days for results to be available.

How much is a diagnostic test?

The cost of diagnostic testing for self-pay patients (and some patients with health insurance plans) varies based on the type of test being performed and the facility where the test is being conducted. In general, common diagnostic tests range from $75-150 per test.

What are the most common diagnostic tests?

One of the most common diagnostic tests is the Complete Blood Count (CBC) test. The CBC test can be used to assess many different aspects of a patient’s health, including glucose levels, hormone levels, and infection markers. They are often ordered as part of a routine physical examination or in response to specific patient symptoms.

Another common diagnostic test is urine analysis or urinalysis. This test involves collecting a urine sample and sending it to a laboratory for testing. The sample is screened for factors that indicate certain health conditions, such as certain infections, pregnancy, or diabetes.

During Flu (Influenza) season, Flu A/B, RSV and Covid-19 are also common tests that help providers and diagnose exactly what illness a patient has since symptoms are similar between these various respiratory viruses. Identifying the specific illness is necessary to determine what treatment options are available (if any).

Why is diagnostic testing important?

Diagnostic testing is a vital part of the medical process that can help to provide reliable and accurate information about a patient’s health. It helps doctors determine the causes of a patient’s symptoms and to get a better sense of their overall health. Diagnostic tests are also used to determine the best course of action for treatment and to assess patient response to different kinds of medications.

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