More Than Just Emergency Care: Other Services Available at Integra Urgent Care

You probably know Integra Urgent Care as your go-to medical center when someone in your family is suffering from a sudden illness or injury. We love providing urgent care services to our patients when they need us the most, but we’re proud to do more too. After all, we’re concerned about your family’s overall health and well-being. We offer a variety of services to ensure that you have access to the high-quality care that you expect and demand for your family whenever you need it.

Routine Physicals

Many adults head to the doctor every year for a routine physical. Having an annual physical is a great way to know if you’re in good shape for your age and have a healthy heart. It can help catch common health problems such as high blood pressure or cholesterol before they become serious. Physicals can also be an important part of pre-employment screening and are generally required for kids who want to participate in sports.

At Integra Urgent Care, we handle physicals for a variety of needs including:

  • Pre-employment screening,
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) screening,
  • School
  • Sports

Diagnostic Services

You’ve probably been to the doctor before only to learn that you would have to go to another hospital or lab for additional testing. At Integra, we provide many diagnostic services on-site. That means you can benefit from diagnosis and treatment in one location. We offer a wide range of diagnostic services including:

  • X-rays and digital radiography
  • Lab testing including metabolic panels and
  • Echocardiograms


Children’s Wellness & Immunizations

Immunization is one of the easiest ways to protect your kids and prevent the spread of illness to others. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall behind on immunizations. If you need to get caught your kids caught up on immunizations, make an appointment with one of our friendly providers. We also provide flu shots and immunizations for adults.

Acute Injuries

Acute injuries might be short-term health problems, but they can cause big-time pain and discomfort. We’re proud to diagnose and treat a wide variety of acute injuries such as cuts, burns, scratches, sprains, strains, abrasions and abscesses. We can also provide immediate help with crutches and splints while you wait to have a long-term cast or orthopedic surgery.

Acute Illnesses

Of course, we’re well known here at Integra Urgent Care for helping treating acute illnesses. We handle everything from colds and flus to allergic reactions and ear infections. Whatever the cause of your pain, we’re here to provide accurate diagnostic and care services.

Is it time to set up an annual physical or get caught up on immunizations? Remember that Integra Urgent Care is here to provide a wide variety of wellness services. You may even be able to set up a video appointment to discuss your concerns with a doctor. Stop by or give us a call today. We’re happy to listen to your concerns and always work hard to ensure that your health care needs are met.

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