5 Most Common Summer Injuries

When the weather heats up, it’s a good idea to prepare for any potential injuries.

With the approach of summer, you and your family members are probably planning fun vacations, delicious barbeques and days spent at the beach. Before you get caught up in the fun, however, it’s a good idea to remember the most common injuries that happen during the summer. Understanding these injuries can help you have the tools you need to ease discomfort and know when an injury requires medical attention.

Bug Bites

Although spending a summer evening outside is a nice activity, you’ll usually pay for your evening with a small collection of bug bites. These itchy bites can usually be treated by over-the-counter lotions at your local grocery store. Only in very rare cases does a bug bite require medical attention. Widespread swelling or bruising, for example, should be checked by a doctor.


Sunburn is the inevitable result of spending too much time outside without using sunblock. Mild sunburn symptoms including red or peeling skin. Cold compresses and creams can often relieve the pain or itchiness from the condition. If you start to experience severe symptoms, including a fever, it’s time to visit a doctor.


Standing out in the hot sun for too long can result in heatstroke. Common symptoms of heatstroke include a painful headache, red skin, dizziness and nausea. Heading into a room with air conditioning and drinking water can help alleviate these symptoms. If this condition worsens and is not treated promptly by a doctor, it can lead to seizures and even death.

Food Poisoning

Warm summer evenings mean plenty of backyard barbeques. Unfortunately, some hosts forget to follow safe handling procedures when it comes to raw meat. In mild cases, food poisoning results in digestive distress, including vomiting. As long as you keep yourself hydrated, the worst of the symptoms should pass within a few days. However, if your condition doesn’t improve and you show signs of severe dehydration, a trip to a doctor is a good idea.

Sports Injuries

Children and adults alike often head outside to play sports during the summer. However, the fun can quickly end with an injury that results in a range of conditions, including concussions and twisted ankles. Mild injuries can usually be treated at home with over-the-counter medications and rest. Severe injuries, including broken limbs, should be examined by a doctor.

Although many mild injuries can be taken care of at home, it’s important to always be watchful for signs of a severe injury. If you’re concerned about a recent injury you or a family member sustained, make an appointment with Integra Urgent Care today. We are open daily and offer online scheduling to make appointments convenient for you.

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