10 Summer Skin Tips For Texans

Summer poses more risks to skin health than any other time of year. Dallas-area residents must take steps to shield themselves from ultraviolet rays, virus-carrying mosquitoes and heat rash. These tips can help you stay comfortable and avoid skin cancer:

Preventing Sunburns

1. To reduce the risk, put on sunglasses and a hat before you venture outside. Try to plan outdoor activities in the late afternoon or early morning. The sun’s rays become strongest at noon.

2. If you visit a beach, remember that an umbrella won’t fully protect you from sunlight. Beaches can reflect nearly one-fifth of the sun’s rays, according to CNN. This much radiation could cause a sunburn.

3. Thin clothing, clouds or car windows may not provide enough protection. Wet clothes often allow more UV rays to reach your body. If in doubt, avoid direct sunlight and wear sunscreen.

4. Some medicines and supplements could increase your vulnerability. They include certain painkillers, antibiotics and diuretics. Use stronger sunscreen if you start taking one of these medications. The same goes for a popular herbal supplement known as St. John’s wort.

5. Think about making a few adjustments to your diet. Pomegranates and tomatoes can help prevent sunburns. If you need more vitamin D, rely on multivitamins and dairy products rather than sun exposure.

Treating a Sunburn

6. Sunburns may cause blisters and considerable discomfort. You can drink extra water and take painkillers to reduce the symptoms. Many people find that they gain relief by bathing in cold water. Be sure to slowly and carefully dry the affected skin.

7. Aloe vera may help you relieve the discomfort. If this treatment proves inadequate, visit a drug store and consider buying one of its hydrocortisone skin creams. Don’t apply these products to facial sunburns.

Alleviating Heat Rash

8. Some Texans develop small itchy bumps during hot weather, especially when they sweat. If possible, wear loose clothing and use a powerful fan or air conditioner. Try not to press your skin against any surfaces.

Fighting Mosquitoes

9. Don’t put yourself at risk for West Nile virus. Before you leave home, apply a bug repellent with picaridin or DEET. Never rely on ineffective ultrasonic devices or mobile apps to repel mosquitoes.

10. Look for stagnant water near your home or business. If you find it in containers, toys, tires or wheelbarrows, drain the water to stop mosquitoes from breeding. Store these objects indoors or turn them over.

Visit a Healthcare Professional If You Have a Serious Sun Injury

If you’re still concerned about a significant sunburn, rash or other skin problem, visit one of Integra Urgent Care’s DFW locations today. Before dropping the money to see an expensive skin specialist, consult with one of our urgent care physicians or assistants and they will advise you on if you need special medical care.

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