What Services Are Offered At Urgent Care Clinics

If you find yourself requiring medical assistance, waiting several days to get an appointment with your general practitioner, or visiting an emergency room for immediate care are not your only healthcare options. You can simply walk into one of the conveniently located urgent care clinics in your area, or register online and wait your turn at home until you receive a call for your consultation.

Urgent care clinics (or “walk-in clinics”) are equipped to cater to a large spectrum of non-life-threatening conditions or non-serious medical cases. The spectrum of care at urgent cares range from the treatment of minor to severe conditions and can include vaccinations, lab routines, treatment of burns, infections, bites, sprains, allergies, infections, and more.

How are the services that urgent care clinics provide patients different from a doctor’s office or emergency room?

Here is a quick look at the services offered at an urgent care clinic to help you decide which way to go in a time of need.

What Makes Urgent Care Clinics Different Than Other Medical Care Providers

Urgent Care clinics offer well-trained and qualified doctors and physician assistants to care for patients with minor to severe conditions that need to be treated immediately. These clinics, in many ways, provide a level of care that can be found in most hospitals and emergency rooms.

The key difference with urgent care clinics involves convenience –they are usually open longer than doctor’s offices, they offer same-day appointments with shorter wait times, they offer consultations through telemedicine (“telehealth”, “teledoc”), and offer a much lower cost of treatment than a standalone or hospital emergency room.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that for all life-threatening conditions such as a heart attack or car accident, you should call 911 or rush to an emergency room.

List of Services Offered by Urgent Care Clinics

You should consider visiting an urgent care clinic for all minor and acute medical conditions and injuries that need assistance within 24 hours and cannot be treated with home remedies.

These include (but not limited to):

  • stitching up cuts or wounds,
  • splinting strains, sprains and fractures
  • treating burns
  • seasonal fevers or infections
  • minor car accidents
  • treating an abscess

and more….

Also, here is a list of other that urgent care clinics offer:

  • Immediate assistance for patients with acute illnesses or injuries
  • Vaccinations and immunizations
  • Onsite lab services, x-ray services with digital radiography
  • Routine preventative health services
  • Diagnostic care – treatment by symptoms, illnesses and injuries
  • COVID testing
  • Medical examinations
  • Family medicine for patients of ages three months upwards

Why consider Integra Urgent Care for Your Urgent Care Needs?

At Integra Urgent Care, our board-certified doctors, physician assistants and lab technicians are trained in family and emergency medicine and are available to provide medical treatment for you and your family seven days a week. seven days a week. Our professional administrative staff is also here to streamline your experience from start to finish and ensure you feel cared for and taken care of.

All Integra Urgent Care clinics offer online check-in options, so you can wait at home for your appointment instead of in our waiting room. We also offer telemedicine as an option if you prefer to stay in your home for your appointment. For payments, online bill pay is also available to make checking out or paying bills quick and easy, and Integra Urgent Care accepts a variety of insurance plans to help keep payments low or minimal by accepting co-pays.

NOTE: Integra Urgent Care is now offering Covid-19 testing. All of our clinics offer both Covid-19 Antigen (current infection) and Covid-19 Antibody (past infection).

For more information on the services provided at our urgent care clinic, please visit www.integrauc.com

For your convenience, we operate three clinics in the DFW area in Texas. For additional information or to set up an appointment at a clinic near you, please contact us:

Las Colinas – #972.861.5200
Weatherford – #817.596.4313
Grand Prairie – #469.340.1710

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