Which Sport Injuries Should You Go to the ER for?

Avoid a costly and unnecessary trip to the emergency room by learning about the symptoms of common sports injuries that can be treated by an urgent care center.

Sports injuries can be serious, but not all situations require a trip to the emergency room. In some cases, a quick visit to an urgent care facility can help you get back to your training. Understanding the types of injuries that necessitate a trip to the emergency room can help you make the right decision when an unfortunate injury occurs.

Head Injuries

If your head is on the receiving end of a vicious tackle by an enthusiastic defender, it’s important to watch out for the common symptoms of a concussion. Concussions usually don’t cause any visible marks, making them more difficult to detect. However, if the injured individual demonstrates confusion, vomits or experiences a sudden severe headache, medical attention is necessary. A suspected concussion should be checked out by a doctor at an emergency room.

Chest Pain

Taking a hit in the chest from a football isn’t typically a cause for concern unless it’s accompanied by shortness of breath and worsening pain. In this case, the individual should head to the emergency room. If the pain isn’t severe and your breathing is normal, taking a trip to an urgent care facility to get checked out is a good idea.

Neck Injuries

Injuring your neck can cause a variety of symptoms with severity ranging from mild to serious. Minor neck pain can usually be checked out at an urgent care facility. If you start to experience troubling symptoms, including tingling or numbness in the arms, heading to the emergency room may be the best course of action. These signs indicate that something may be wrong with the nerves in your spine.

Broken Bones

Breaking a bone during a sporting event isn’t too uncommon. In most cases, an urgent care facility is all you need to take care of the injury. This is especially true of the injury is in your hands, arms or legs. If another part of your body seems to be broken, such as your pelvis, clavicle or spine, head to the emergency room right away for the proper care.

No sports injury should ever be ignored, but you don’t need to head to the emergency room for every injury. When you get hurt on the field, paying attention to your symptoms and how you feel can help you determine which type of medical attention you need. Integra Urgent Care can help you get back on the field after an injury. We have several locations in the DFW  Metroplex, area and feature online check-in to help you see our doctors quickly.


**The information that is contained on this page should not be used as a substitute for medical advice. If you have sustained a serious injury seek immediate medical attention from a doctor or healthcare physician**

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